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Prepare a trip to Alsace at Christmas


When we started preparing the getaways that we were going to do this year, considering them above all because of the dates we had, we decided to set Stockholm in July, Naples and Pompeii in September, Midi-Pyrenees and the Kasbah Route in October and the last one that awaited us In this year 2015, in the December Bridge, in one of its most special and spectacular times. And, not surprisingly, they say that Christmas was born here.

Although thanks to the advice of My Traveling World we have learned that you can also adopt the Baden Baden airport in Germany, and only 40 minutes by car from Strasbourg, as another possible gateway to Alsace.
Once in Basel (Basel), we will pick up the rental car in Alsace that we have reserved for the next 5 days.
Here we have to tell you that you have the option of renting the car in the French zone of the airport, Basel has a French zone and Switzerland, or in the Swiss part, something more expensive, but that includes winter tires, something that at this time and In this area we believe that it is essential and is the option that we have opted for.
Once with the car already picked up, and with the great help that the Alsace Tourist Office has given us, we will arrive to Mulhouse, where we will spend the first night of our trip to Alsace at Christmas and where we hope to enjoy the first Christmas markets in Alsace.