10 essential tips for traveling to Holland


With this guide of tips for traveling to Holland we want to facilitate, as far as possible, the organization of your trip to one of the most incredible countries in Europe. Something important before starting is to clarify that when we refer to Holland, we also refer to the Netherlands. This is due to popularly both names are used to designate the country, although the reality is that "Holland»Only refers to the provinces of South Holland and North Holland.

Although on many occasions we have the idea that the Netherlands is only Amsterdam, we assure you that despite the fact that the city is incredible, in addition to one of our favorites in the world, this country is much more than its capital and holds impressive places, such as charming villages, landscapes dotted with traditional mills and unique cuisine , that we are sure, you will never forget.

Based on our experience of the trip to Amsterdam in 5 days we leave you a selection of those we believe, are 10 essential tips for traveling to Holland. We start!

1. What is the best time?

Although as always we say any time is good for travel to the Netherlands, taking into account the weather and the most frequented times by tourists, we can determine the following distinction.

  • High season (June to August): these months are the most suitable for a trip to Holland due to the normally good weather in most areas of the country.
  • Measured season (April and May / September and October): Although the weather is not usually excessively cold or rainy, it is important to take it into account. The good thing about this era is that tourist places are usually very little crowded.
  • Low season (from November to March): these months usually bring rain and cold in addition to the closure of many places focused on tourism. Despite this, the tourist places are still open and you can find very tight prices in hotels.

Remember that if you are going to travel in high season, it is important to book flights and accommodation, especially in tourist areas and cities like Amsterdam if you want to get good prices and have options to choose from.

2. Entry requirements

If you are a Spanish or European Union (EU) citizen, you only need the ID or Passport to enter the Netherlands. If you have another nationality, we recommend you check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy to know the requirements for entering the country.

In addition to the documents mentioned above, another of the tips for traveling to Holland is that you carry the European Health Card so that if necessary, you can be treated. Remember that in addition to this card it is important to have the best travel insurance for Europe if you want to have medical care in the best hospitals and that a repatriation is included if necessary.

We always travel insured with Mondo, with whom we carry a totally adequate insurance to the needs that we will have on the trip. Hiring your insurance here with Mondo, just for being a Street Travelers reader, you have a 5% discount.


10. More tips for traveling to Holland

Other of the best tips for traveling to Holland are:

  • It is important to remember that the Dutch usually eat earlier than in the rest of Europe, so restaurants usually also have a shorter schedule. Breakfast is usually from 07h to 09h, lunch from 11am to 1pm and dinner between 6pm and 8pm, the latter being the strongest dish of the day.
  • Use the N26 card to pay and the BNEXT card to get money, they will not charge you commission and you will always have the current change.
  • You can find much more information on this topic in the post The best cards to travel without commissions.
  • Although it may seem silly, bikes and trams make very little noise. Look well before crossing the street.
  • As we mentioned before, although it is possible to move around the country with a rental car, we recommend using the train, since it is a comfortable, fast and above all, easy to use transport.
  • In the Netherlands (Holland) the voltage is 230V, the frequency 50 Hz and the plugs are of type F as in Spain, so you will not need an adapter.

If you feel like helping us complete the list of the 10 essential tips for traveling to Holland, add yours in the comments.