10 essential places to visit in Cuenca


This list of places to visit in Cuenca It will help you to prepare a getaway to one of the 15 World Heritage cities of Spain.
Divided into two parts, the old town located more than 1000 meters above sea level and the new city that extends in the lower part, Cuenca has an impressive old town, located on a rocky hill surrounded by sickles from the Júcar River and the Huécar, in which the buildings border the precipice and the alleyways transfer you to the Middle Ages.
In it you can walk through the historic center until you find the emblematic Hanging Houses or the skyscrapers of the San Martín neighborhood, which is a real wonder and that you can still enjoy, at certain times of the day, with very few tourists.
Although to know the old town well enough with one day, we recommend you to spend the night in the city to take a pleasant night walk and have more time to see the jewels of the surroundings such as the Enchanted City.

Based on the experience of our visit to Cuenca, considered one of the best excursions in Madrid, we leave you this list of what we believe are, the 10 essential places to see in Cuenca. We start!

1. The Hanging Houses

The Hanging Houses, a series of buildings that have their balconies protruding or hanging over the sickle of the Huécar River, is one of the most iconic places to visit in Cuenca.
Currently, these civil buildings, built between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, only three are preserved: the Casa de la Sirena that houses an inn and the two Houses of the Kings, in which there is a Museum of Abstract Art.
To have the best views of the Hanging Houses we advise you to place yourself in the middle of the San Pablo Bridge or from the ascent to the San Pablo Convent.

3. Cuenca viewpoints

One of the best things to do in Cuenca is to approach its viewpoints with views of the Júcar and Huécar rivers, the city and the mountainous surroundings.
Among our favorite viewpoints to visit in Cuenca are:

  • Florencio Cañas Viewpoint: located near the Plaza Mayor, standing out for its views of the Convent of San Pablo.
  • Castle viewpoint: Located under the ruins of the castle, another of the places to see in Cuenca, offers spectacular views of the houses that border the hill and the Convent of San Pablo.
  • Júcar sickle viewpoint: Located near the Plaza del Trabuco, it overlooks the sickle of the Júcar River.
  • Mirador del Rey: Located in the highest part of the city, it offers panoramic views of all of it and the surroundings.

Walk along the shore of the Huécar

10. Excursions in Cuenca

Once the list of places to visit in Cuenca, you can take advantage of the extra time to know some of the wonders that are closest, by car or by booking any of these excursions:

  • Day trip through the best of Castilla la Mancha, which includes Belmonte Castle, the Mota del Cuervo mills and the fortress of Castillo de Garcimuñoz.
  • Tour of the wonders of the Roman Basin, where you will visit several Roman sites such as Noheda, Segóbriga and Lapis Specularis.
  • Excursion to the towers and lagoons of Cuenca, where you will discover the impressive landscapes of the lagoons of Cañada del Hoyo and the Palancares torques.

How to get to Cuenca from Madrid

You can get to Cuenca by taking an AVE train at Madrid Atocha Station that will leave you at the Fernando Zóbel Cuenca station in less than an hour for about 25 euros. Although in general it is not necessary to book, if you are traveling in high season or weekend, it is advisable to book so you do not run out of seats. You can do it through this website and have the electronic ticket on your mobile.
Once you arrive at the station you have to take line 1 of the urban bus that will leave you in half an hour to the Plaza Mayor for about 2 euros.
Another cheaper way to get to Cuenca is to take a bus from the Avanza company, which leaves from the Méndez Alvaro South Bus Station and leaves you at the Fermín Caballero de Cuenca station in about two and a half hours for 13 euros. From this station you also have to take bus line 1 to get to the old town.

If you only have one day and want to learn more about the history of the city, we recommend you book this excursion to Cuenca with a guide in Spanish that includes the Enchanted City.

For more information about the transfer you can consult this post on how to get to Cuenca from Madrid.

Map of the places to see in Cuenca essential

If you feel like helping us complete the list of the 10 places to visit in Cuenca, add yours in the comments.