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5 reasons to go to Holland

Holland is that kind of country you will always want to return to. Bearing in mind that any trip, whatever it is, begins with enthusiasm, if we frame it in a unique story, a culture that falls in love, infarct landscapes, canals, bicycles and Amsterdam as cherry, you can already imagine that we are talking about Holland, right? In case you haven't dared yet, we leave you 5 reasons to fall in love with Holland, sure, will be more than enough reasons to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world and also one of the most accessible. You just have to get on a train in Amsterdam and in less than 1 hour you will be in the main cities of the country and it is that Holland is like a big city, in which the rest of cities resemble small neighborhoods full of personality, which will surely make Holland, a unique and unrepeatable destination .

1- Unique and impressive cities

We do not tell you anything new if we tell you that Holland has wonderful places to discover, including unique and impressive cities and that although Amsterdam is probably the best known, we have to say that Holland is much more than Amsterdam (although you can not stop visit it).


Amsterdam, the city par excellence and there is no traveler who is not wishing go to Holland to meet her and who already knows her, who is not wishing to get lost again through its canals, especially when the most summer season begins, at which time the terraces begin to fill with people, the flowers seem to burst in the corners and the city is Presents before us really precious.

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Do you dare to go to Holland?

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