What to see in Thailand in 21 days


Thailand the country of smiles, the starting point to get to know one of the most beautiful areas in the world, Southeast Asia. It was our first trip to this area and it is one of our best trips and we have more memories. During our 21-day free trip in Thailand we divide the tour into 3 stages: visit Bangkok, local transportation route to Northern Thailand and relax on the paradisiacal beaches of the Krabi area.
In this diary of what to see in Thailand in 21 days we detail our route and the visits we made each day. We start !!!


Flight Day with the Air Jordanian company with stopover in Amman, is one of our favorite companies with its comfortable aircraft and military pilots.

Day 2: BANGKOK (Khao San)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today they touch the Hong Islands.
First we stop at the Hong Laguna, a fantastic lagoon with the sea crashing into the limestone cliffs.
After we went to the Pakbia Island are two amazing white sand beaches.
Where we stayed for a while was on the Hong Island, with its transparent waters.
There we saw the sea leave towards the beach where we were lying, a lizard about two meters long, first people got a little scared, but then everyone taking pictures and recording it.
When we went to eat on this same island, 2 more approached, to eat the remains of the food, but the guides told us not to get too close that they could be dangerous.
We also visit the Rai Island, which when the tide is low, you can walk from one island to another on the magical beach that appears and disappears at high tide.
The Daeng Island, this island is a large rock that comes out of the sea. At low tide we can visit and admire its fabulous coral reefs.
We were also on Paradise Island.
After visiting so many beaches and islands, it may seem boring, but not at all.
We are not a beach, but on these excursions, you intersperse boat, snorkel, a little beach ... walks ... it is incredible.
For dinner we went to a restaurant, which is like a self-service of oriental food, of high quality.
It is located on the promenade that goes to the beach and if you are very hungry it is the ideal place.
You can book this tour by speedboat or Thai boat here, and include a kayak route.