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Greece for free: Travel preparations

This year, after our usual travel planning and seeing that we had the month of June free, one of the destinations we had thought about over the years came to our mind again and that, we will not lie, more We wanted to meet.
After reviewing that these dates were good, make a first route of the places we wanted to visit and check that everything fit, we decided that the time had come, finally, to say very loudly that ...

Greece route for free. Travel preparations

The beginning of this trip to Greece for free it will be in Athens, where we will spend 3 days staying at the Phaedra Hotel, touring some of the essential places to visit in Athens, among which we will not miss the picturesque neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki, in addition to visits to the Acropolis of Athens, the Dionysus Theater, Ancient Agora, the Hadrian's Library, Roman Agora or the incredible Acropolis Museum, among others many, that we will finish every day enjoying incredible sunsets from different points of the city.

Complete itinerary Trip to Greece