Tips for traveling to Japan for free


Travel to Japan for free it is much easier than it may seem at first glance, although for many travelers it may seem that it is a difficult country, both for the language and for the cultural difference with the West. Before these doubts, we can only tell you, that taking into account some aspects, in addition to several tips for traveling to Japan for free, we are sure that your trip to Japan will be unforgettable, as well as incredibly enriching in all aspects and as we said at the beginning, much easier than you imagine.

That is why after our first trip to Japan for free in 18 days, in which we toured some of the most tourist spots in the country and our second visit to the Japanese country, of which we have written the guide to travel to Japan, we want leave you a series of tips for traveling to Japan for free, so that you can get to know this amazing country, just dedicating yourself to enjoy it, without fear of not understand.

Passport and visa. Tips for traveling to Japan for free

The first thing you should keep in mind to travel to Japan, is that Spaniards are allowed to stay in Japan for a maximum period of 90 days, without the need for a visa whenever the purpose of the trip is tourist, visit family, meetings of business, attendance at congresses or other unpaid activities.
Although the access will always be given to you when you arrive in Japan at the Immigration Office, so it is recommended to take the flights, accommodation reservations, route ... etc., by hand, to be able to show it if required.

Transportation in Japan

Flights to Japan

Although there are many ways to get to Japan, we on the two trips we have made, have chosen to fly to Japan with KLM, an incredibly effective airline for any problem we have had, something we value and much, making a brief stopover in Amsterdam , one of the best airports we know, where we find all the necessary services to spend a time of stopover in the best way and without getting anything heavy.
On both occasions we have made a multi-destination flight, entering through Osaka and leaving through Tokyo, something that has allowed us to enjoy a quieter route through Japan, saving us practically one day of transfers the day of return.
It is important to take into account and value the Economy Comfort option, which allows, for a very tight amount, to make a trip much more comfortable, since the seats have more space and rest more, something really important, especially when the flight has a considerable duration.

General. Miscellaneous Tips for traveling to Japan for free

- In Japan, the use of beverage vending machines is mandatory. And if you like coffee, you're in luck. There are hundreds of brands and hundreds of ways, in addition to cold or hot.
Vending machines work with coins, 1000 yen bills or purse cards and to identify drinks, if they are hot or cold, you should look at the color of the label below. Blue = cold and Red = hot
- Another discovery we have made in the Trip to Japan has been the possibility of ship suitcases from Kyoto to Tokyo or from any other point to another within the country.
This service works between all points of Japan and from the same hotel they fill in the forms, so you don't have to worry about anything, although the service is done by an external company.
If you manage it with the hotel, you just have to leave your bags the night before or the same day they pick them up and in 1 day, in the service from Kyoto to Tokyo, they deliver your bags at the destination you indicate.
In our case, there were 2 medium suitcases, 20 kilos each and Shipment of luggage from Kyoto to Tokyo It cost us 2750 yen.
- Something we believe is very important and not only when traveling to Japan, is to be polite. As tourists we have to understand that we are guests in the country and our obligation is to take care of it and above all, respect it. And this includes its heritage, its people, its religion and its culture.
- We must be very clear that we are tourists and not for that reason, we can do anything or forget the rules.
- In Japan there are many cultural differences, so it does not hurt