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Preparations trip to Singapore

On this occasion, after deciding that Thailand would be the trip with which we would end the year, the option of passing before one of the places in the world that resisted us for years before, without knowing very well the reason, appeared in our heads.
So after looking at different options and finding a direct flight from Barcelona, ​​which was impossible to refuse, before going to Thailand, we will make a 6-day stopover in this city that we are looking forward to enjoying and which we can already say ...

As we mentioned before, we will fly directly to Singapore from Barcelona with Singapore Airlines, an airline with which we had not yet flown and that has also been chosen to fly next year to New Zealand, since they have flights with only one stopover in Singapore , which we have not been able to resist either.

After what we expect is a most comfortable flight, we will arrive in Singapore at 7 in the morning, perfect time to start discovering the city and start this trip to Singapore.

Taking into account a factor that we have not yet mentioned, the morning will be dedicated to rest and discover what will be our accommodation the 4 nights we will spend in Singapore, which is none other than the incredible Marina Bay Sands, one of the icons of the city , which, from what we have read, is an attraction in itself.

Marina Bay Sands

At this point we have to say that although for us the issue of travel accommodation is important, it is not something we dedicate a lot of time to, since in 99% of cases, we only use it for sleep and rarely take advantage of the infrastructures they offer, so we only look for central, clean and good-looking places.
In the case of accommodation in Singapore we were clear that we wanted to spend a night at the Marina Bay Sands and that led us to look for a trip planning to Singapore that would allow us to fit this hotel one day in which we knew we would be able to to take advantage of, since the great reason to stay in it was to enjoy both the views and its pool, the icing on this accommodation.

In the end, after looking for different options that fit what we were looking for, we ended up deciding that it was best to stay here for 4 nights. In this way we can enjoy the place throughout the trip to Singapore, without having to keep the feeling of not squeeze it and being able to enjoy the infrastructures every day, when we arrive to tour the city.

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