Athens guide in one day


This Athens guide in one day It is perfect for travelers who want to discover one of the cities with more history in the world, making the most of the time that a single day can give.
Cradle of Western civilization, Athens has in its charming neighborhoods such as Plaka and Monastiraki and its impressive archaeological sites such as Acropolis, its main tourist attractions, which you must include in your route through the city.
If you add to all this that it has one of the best gastronomies in the world with dishes such as tzatziki, Greek salad or musaka, among many others, Athens becomes one of the essential cities to visit in Europe.

Based on the experience of the days we spent in the city during our trip to Greece, we have made a guide to know the best of Athens in one day, designed for travelers who have little time or for your first day in the city. We start!

How to go from the airport to the center of Athens

The best ways to go from the airport to the center of Athens or to your hotel are these:

  • Subway: With line 3 you can reach the center of Athens, getting off at the stops of Sintagma or Monastiriki Square. The journey is about 40 minutes and the approximate price is 8 euros, with a special bonus for two people of 14 euros and 20 euros for 3 people. The subway operates from 6: 35h to 23: 35h and you can connect with other lines if you have the hotel far from the center.
  • Bus: You have 4 lines that operate 24 hours a day and connect the airport with the center and the port of Piraeus, where ferries operate to the best Greek islands. The journey to the center is approximately one hour and the price is 6 euros.
  • Cab: For a price of about 40 euros, it can be a good option if you stay away from the center.
  • Private transport: With a price similar to the taxi, it is the most comfortable option since a driver will wait for you at the airport, which will take you directly to your hotel. You can book it here.

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Recommended hotel in Athens

During the time we spent in the city we stayed at the Phaedra Hotel, located in the Plaka neighborhood, 5 minutes from the Acropolis Museum and the Temple of Zeus. In addition to its magnificent location and stunning views of the Acropolis, it has one of the best value for money in Athens.

Tips for traveling in Athens

  • An excellent option to not miss anything and know the interesting history of the city is to book this Free tour of Athens Free! With guide in Spanish, one of the best free tours in Athens. It is highly recommended, especially in this city where few remains of old buildings are preserved, have the explanations of a guide.
  • Although he has a reputation for dirty And insecure, you should keep in mind that the city changed a lot during the preparation of the Olympic Games and we assure you that today, you will not have at any time this impression.
  • If you have little time you can book the Athens tourist bus that stops at all the most important points of interest in the city.
  • Although it may seem silly, be very careful with the slippery floor of the Acropolis and other places such as the viewpoint of the Areopagus Hill. You would not be the first person to take a hospital visit because of a fall.
  • If you do not want to pay commissions when withdrawing money from ATMs and always have the current exchange, we recommend using the N26 card to pay and the BNEXT card to get money, our two favorite cards for travel.
    You can find much more information in the post of the best cards to travel without commissions.

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What to see in Athens in one day

The route of what to see in Athens in one day It begins with the visit to the Acropolis of Athens that opens at 8 in the morning. Despite the looting he suffered throughout its history, this important archaeological site still preserves important buildings such as the magnificent Parthenon, the entrance of the Propylaea, the Dionysus Theater, the Odeon of Attic Herod, the temple of Erechtheion and that of Athena Niké. These monuments built from 499 B.C. to 429 B.C., and located on a peak over 150 meters high, form without a doubt, one of the most essential places to see in Greece.

Map of the route of Athens in one day