The best free tours in Rome for free


The free tours in Rome for free, are today and without a doubt, one of the most accomplished and demanded activities in the Eternal City.
Known for conducting guided tourist routes, which normally pass through the most famous places in Rome or deal with a specific topic such as legends or mysteries, these do not have a fixed price, something that has made them tremendously popular in recent times, being for many a Perfect alternative to more traditional guided tours.
In addition these tours are conducted in Spanish, something that will allow you to know in detail all the explanations that the city guide gives you and the places that are visited.

Despite not having a fixed price, you should keep in mind that the most normal and appropriate, is to leave a tip to the guide, according to your final assessment of the free tour in Rome.

After several trips to Rome, in which we write the travel guide to Rome, we leave you the ones that are for us, the best free tours in Rome for free.

Free tour in Rome in Spanish

East free tour in Rome It is one of the best known and also one of the most valued by travelers from around the world.

The free tour begins in the Plaza de España, one of the essential places to see in Rome, where the guide will begin to tell you the history of the city as well as some anecdotes that will be the best introduction for your trip.
The tourist route continues through some of its best known fountains such as the impressive Trevi Fountain, where some scenes from the film were shot «La dolce vita» from Fellini.
From here and after strolling through some of the most central areas of Rome, the free tour of Rome in Spanish It will take you to the Pantheon of Agrippa, one of the most historic places in the city.
And finally, nothing better than approaching Piazza Navona, one of the most beautiful squares in Rome, where in addition to its history, you can ask the guide any questions or questions that have not resulted along the free tour.

Once finished and if it is time to eat, we advise you to check the post Where to eat in Rome, where you will find several recommendations of restaurants in this beautiful area of ​​Rome.

St. Peter's Square in the Vatican

What tip to leave on free tours in Rome?

As we initially mentioned, the main characteristic of free tours in Rome in Spanish, is none other than not having a fixed price. This leaves in the air, for many travelers, the question of what tip to leave on the free tour or if what they have thought will be adequate or not.
Although as we say, there is no fixed price and the tip always depends on the final assessment you make of the free tour of Rome, we believe that if this has been favorable, 10 euros should be the minimum per person.

That said, don't forget that this is a personal reference and everyone has a situation or budget. What we would ask you, is that no abuse of the circumstances and that there is no fixed price, since if we do not collaborate together so that free tours in Rome keep performing, they will end up disappearing.

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