The best free tours in Madrid for free in Spanish


The best free tours in Madrid for free They are one of the excursions that you cannot miss in the city, besides being currently one of the most demanded activities and carried out by travelers.
Extremely known, especially in recent times, these free tours in MadridThey are known for not having an initial fixed price, since it is the traveler who, with his final evaluation of the tour, delivers a tip to the guide by way of payment.
In addition, these free tours in Madrid They are made in Spanish, something that will make you know first-hand the whole history of the city and the places you visit throughout the tours.

Remember that although these do not have a fixed price, the guides of any of the free tours in Madrid They expect to receive a tip, according to your final evaluation of the tour.

After several trips to the city, of which we write several Madrid guides, we leave you those that are for us, the best free tours in Madrid for free.

Free tour in Madrid in Spanish

East free tour in Madrid It will allow you to learn about the history and some of the best known legends of the city in addition to touring some of the essential places to visit in Madrid.

The excursion will cover some of the most emblematic points of Madrid such as the Puerta del Sol, the Plaza Mayor, the Plaza de Oriente, the Royal Palace, the Plaza de la Villa, the Opera, the Gran Vía, the Mercado de San Miguel as well as the San Ginés chocolate shop, one of the most iconic places in the city.

At the end of this free tour in Madrid, the guide will give you a Civitatis bracelet, with which if you are over 18, you will have free access to Commo, Enbabia, Planet, Nomad, bars in the center of Madrid, where they will give you 1 shot in each of them and a cocktail in which you choose.

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Free tour of Madrid Cervantes in Spanish

East free tour of Madrid It will bring you closer to a Spanish-language guide through the Barrio de las Letras, where you'll learn first-hand the history of some of the writers of the Golden Age.

This excursion, known as one of the best free tours in Madrid for free, It starts in the Plaza de Santa Ana, where you will make a stop at the Spanish Theater, to know some of the main data of this era in the city.
The next stop will be in Huertas Street, to make a stop at the Parish of San Sebastián, where the remains of Lope de Vega are believed to be.
The free tour continues along Cervantes Street and Lope de Vega Street, two of the arteries of this neighborhood, where you will learn the history of the relationship between these great writers.

He free tour in Madrid It ends in the Plaza de las Cortes, in front of the Congress of Deputies, where we recommend you continue the tour on your own, approaching the Plaza of Spain, where you can see the monument dedicated to Don Quijote and Sancho Panza, another of the things that do in Madrid.

What tip to leave on free tours in Madrid?

As we initially mentioned, one of the main characteristics of the free tours in Madrid is that these do not have a fixed price. This allows the tour by the traveler and leave a tip to the guide according to their final assessment of it.

We understand that this may create doubts, since on many occasions, you do not know what the appropriate tip is. Under our experience, we believe that if the final assessment of the free tour in Madrid It has been positive, 10 euros should be the minimum to leave per person.
Keep in mind that if you go with children, they do not usually pay, although this rule is not written anywhere and is what is usually done.

Remember that this is only advice and a personal reference. Each traveler can live and enjoy the excursion in one way or another, have a different situation or a different budget. What we do believe is that although the tour has the floor free, this should not be a reason for to abuse of the circumstances and think that if we don't collaborate together so that free tours in Madrid keep performing, they will end up disappearing.

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