The best free tours in Venice for free in Spanish


The best free tours in Venice for free They are currently one of the most valued and demanded activities by travelers, who seek to know the city from an expert.
Increasingly known, for its characteristic of not having a fixed price, these tours make routes through the best known areas of the city, in addition to sometimes, as in Venice, have someone else who focuses on the mysteries and legends
Keep in mind that all free tours in Venice of which we will speak to you, they are made in Spanish, an extra point, which will allow you to know in the best hand the details and the most important history of the city.

Do not forget that although the free tours do not have a fixed price, the guides expect to receive a tip, according to your final assessment of the free tour in Venice.

After several trips to this city, of which we write the travel guide to Venice, we leave you the ones that are for us, the best free tours in Venice for free.

Free tour in Venice in Spanish

With this free tour in Venice You will walk along the banks of the canals, while discovering many of the most essential places to see in Venice.

The start of the free tour will be at the Galleria dell'Accademia, one of the most interesting visits to do in Venice, located in the beautiful neighborhood of Dorsoduro, where you will begin to know the history of this romantic city.
From here the next stop will be the Teatro de la Fenice, where you can see its incredible façade and know, by the hand of the guide, many of the details of this iconic place.
From here you will continue on free tour in Venice, with a walk to the Plaza de San Marcos, without a doubt the nerve center of the city, where you can enjoy the basilica, the bell tower and the impressive Doge's Palace.

The route of this excursion, considered one of the best free tours in Venice Continue walking along the Grand Canal of Venice, from where you can enjoy the vision of some of its best palaces in addition to the incredible Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute.

The next stop is the Scala Contarini del Bovolo, one of our favorite places in the city, to continue to the Manin field, a place that connects with the Central Square and the Rialto Bridge, two of the city's best known places, We recommend you not to get lost at the end of this free tour in Venice, as it is always included in the best tours and excursions in Venice.

Free tour of the unknown Venice Free!

What tip to leave on free tours in Venice?

At the beginning of the post we already commented that one of the main characteristics of the free tours in Venice It is precisely that they have no fixed price. This, although it may seem otherwise, does not mean that they are free, but it is the traveler who sets the price, after making the final assessment of the free tour in Venice.

Our recommendation, always under our experience, is that if the final evaluation of the free tour in Venice has been positive, 10 euros should be the minimum to leave per person.
Keep in mind that if you go with children, they do not usually pay, although this rule is not written anywhere and is what is usually done.

Remember that this is only advice and a personal reference. Each traveler can live and enjoy the excursion in one way or another, have a different situation or a different budget. What we do believe is that although the tour has the floor free, this should not be a reason for to abuse of the circumstances and think that if we don't collaborate together so that free tours in Venice keep performing, they will end up disappearing.

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