10 essential places to see in Basel


This guide of places to see in Basel, will help you prepare your itinerary for one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, making the most of your time.
Located on the banks of the Rhine River, on the border with France and Germany, Basel surprises every traveler who visits it thanks to its beautiful medieval old town, full of charming corners.
In addition to visiting its main monuments, we warn you that it is a real pleasure to walk through its clean and quiet streets, where mass tourism has not yet made an appearance and we intuit, it will not take long.
As a recommendation, if you are going to spend a night in Basel, we recommend you check in your hotel soon to get the Basel Card, which includes free public transport in the city and a 50% discount in the main museums of the city.

Based on the experience of the day we spent in this city during our train route through Switzerland, we have made a list of what we think are the 10 places to visit in Basel essential. We start!

1. City Hall

The striking City Hall or Rathaus of red and gold, is one of the icons and one of the most essential places to see in Basel. This Renaissance-style building, with a beautiful clock on the facade and several shields of the different cantons, currently serves as the venue for the meetings of the Cantonal Parliament and the Cantonal Government. And although many travelers keep the facade, do not forget that it is worth entering inside the main courtyard, to see the most striking paintings and sculptures.
The Town Hall is located in the beautiful Markplatz, a square full of historic buildings and a market of cheeses, fruits and flowers that is mounted every morning and is also very worthwhile.

2. The Rhine

The Rhine that separates the old town from the new part of the city, is one of the meeting points for locals and tourists, especially in summer, as well as another of the most recommended places to visit in Basel.
During this season, it is very common to see how the locals approach to take something on the shore and bathe or glide along the river current, carrying waterproof bags in which they keep their clothes and that also act as floats.
Keep in mind that in addition to walking along the shore of the historic center, it is highly recommended to go to the other shore, crossing one of its bridges or in one of its four original ferries, boats that are held by a rope and are driven by the river current.

Do not forget that one of the Top things to do in Basel It is to take a walk at sunset on one of the two banks of the river, better on that of the new part, from where you will enjoy incredible views of the old town.

Mittlere Brucke Bridge

10. Kleinbasel

The Kleinbasel, located in the new part on the banks of the Rhine, is the fashionable neighborhood and another of the places to see in Basel.
Although for some locals this new part of the city considers it derogatory the «Basel minor», in recent times local and tourists approach this area to enjoy its great atmosphere in squares, streets and fashion stores.

Map of the places to visit in Basel

If you feel like helping us complete the list of the 10 places to see in Basel essential, add yours in the comments.