The best free tours in Dublin for free in Spanish


The best free tours in Dublin for free They are for many travelers who visit the city, one of the most valued and demanded activities. With the main characteristic of not having a fixed price, this is determined by the client according to their final evaluation of the tour, these excursions are today one of the most performed by travelers.
In addition, these free tours in Dublin They are made by the hand of a guide in Spanish, so that you know first-hand and in your language, the whole history of the city and the places you visit.
Do not forget that although these tours do not have a fixed price, the guides of any of the free tours around Dublin that we will tell you next, they expect to receive a tip, according to your final evaluation of the tour.

After our stay in the city, within the trip to Ireland in 10 days, we leave you the ones that are for us, the best free tours in Dublin for free.

Free tour in Dublin in Spanish

This free tour of Dublin will allow you to know in addition to the history of the city some of the essential places to visit in Dublin.
The tour will start at Barnardo Square, next to the Town Hall, where after a brief introduction by the guide in Spanish, you will stroll through some of the best known areas of the city such as Dublin Castle, City Hall, Hotel Clarence or the famous neighborhoods of Temple Bar and Leinster House.
In addition to these visits, you will have the opportunity to do some of the essential things to do in Dublin, such as knowing the Chester Beatty Library, the medieval relics and the Viking remains of the city, the Georgian Dublin, the Christ Church Cathedral and the gardens Dubh Linn
The tour, known as one of the best free tours in Dublin It ends at Trinity College, another of the most historic places in the city, where you can not miss its library, one of the great essentials.

Molly Malone, start of the Free tour of North Dublin in Spanish

What tip to leave on free tours in Dublin?

One of the questions you ask us most about free tours in Dublin It's about the price or tip you should leave. As we said at the beginning of the post, the main feature of these is not having a fixed price, so it is the traveler who determines the tip you want to leave the guide, depending on your final assessment of the free tour in Dublin.
Under our experience, we believe that if the final assessment of the free tour in Dublin It is positive, the tip should be about 10 euros per person, taking into account that if you travel with children, they do not usually pay.

Remember that this is only advice and a personal reference. Each traveler can live and enjoy the excursion in one way or another, have a different situation or a different budget. What we do believe is that although the tour has the floor free, this should not be a reason for to abuse of the circumstances and think that if we don't collaborate together so that free tours in Dublin keep performing, they will end up disappearing.

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