The 10 best tours and excursions in Berlin


This list of best tours and excursions in Berlin It is perfect to fully enjoy one of the cities with more leisure and culture activities in the world, which we are sure, will surprise you.
Known as the city ​​of a thousand faces, Berlin has risen strongly after its complete destruction during World War II, to become today a benchmark of diversity and fusion of cultures.
In addition to the great atmosphere that is breathed throughout the city, Berlin has many more tourist attractions such as museums, parks, monuments, urban art or churches, which can be visited on your own or with the company of a guide, which will allow you to know better the history and curiosities of each place.
These guided tours, along with day trips to nearby places in the capital, such as the beautiful city of Potsdam or the moving concentration camp of Sachsenhausen, will complete a trip that will surely remain in the memory.

Based on the two times we have visited the city, during the last visit we wrote this Berlin guide in 3 days, we have made this list of what we believe are the 10 best tours and excursions from Berlin in Spanish.We start!

1. Free Tour of Berlin

Free tours in Berlin are in fashion and more and more travelers are preferring these tours of the main points of interest in the city with the company of an expert guide in Spanish.
Although these tours have the label of free, at the end of the visit it is almost an obligation to give a tip according to the degree of satisfaction you have had of the experience, which usually should not be below 10 euros per person if you liked the tour And it has been complete.
Remember that if you book the tour in advance on the internet you can see the opinions of other travelers who have already done this same tour and be more sure that this will meet expectations.
Two of the best rated free tours in Berlin in Spanish are:

2. Sachsenhausen concentration camp

The visit to a World War II concentration camp, although not pleasant, is one of the essential tours in Berlin and that every traveler would have to do at least once in a lifetime.
Near the city you can visit the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, located about 40 kilometers outside of Oranienburg where the visit will focus on a tour of the countryside that will pass between barracks, watchtowers, punishment rooms and crematoriums, which will allow you to become aware of what really happened there and the degree of suffering of the prisoners.
To get to the field you can get on the S-Bahn metropolitan train in the direction of Oranienburg, at the Berlin Friedrichstrasse station, remembering that the ticket has to include the ABC area. The trains leave between every 10 or 20 minutes and have a schedule from 4: 30h to 00:30 hours. The journey time from Berlin is about 40 minutes and once at Oranienburg station you can take a bus or walk about 20 minutes to reach the concentration camp.

Being a quite destroyed place it is very interesting to book this tour with a guide in Spanish to understand and understand everything that happened there:

Boat tour

10. Beer Tour

A visit to Berlin is not complete without trying its famous beer in the typical Biergarten, typical terraces where locals and a tourist meet, to drink large quantities of beer accompanied many times by a good currywurst dish, the cooked German sausage or grilled.
In addition to the usual industrial beers of big brands, in Berlin there are numerous stores that serve craft beer of better taste and quality.
To make a route through some of the best breweries and make a tasting of different types, it can be fun and instructive to book a guided tour in Spanish.

Map of excursions from Berlin

If you feel like helping us complete the list of 10 best tours and excursions in Berlin in Spanish, add yours in the comments.

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