The best free tours in Munich for free in Spanish


Free tours in Munich for free They are currently one of the most accomplished excursions and best valued by travelers from all over the world who arrive in the city wanting to discover their history in the best possible way.
With the main characteristic of not having a fixed price, it is the traveler who pays the guide through a tip that he establishes himself, depending on his final assessment of the free tour in Munich.
In addition this tour is done in Spanish, something that adds great value to the free tour in Munich, allowing you to not miss any of the details that the guide will give you during the route.

After our passage through the city, of which we wrote several optimized guides for days and the travel guide to Bavaria, we leave you the one that is for us, the best free tour in Munich for free.

Free tour in Munich in Spanish

This free excursion in Munich It will take you to know, at the hands of the guide in Spanish, some of the essential places to visit in Munich.

The route, considered one of the best free tours in Munich It will begin in Marienplatz, in the heart of the city, where you can see the New and Old Town Hall and the carillon of the new town hall, from which you will know the history of the guide who will accompany you throughout the entire tour.
After this stop and introduction to the history of the city, you will stroll through some of the most charming streets, until you reach Frauenkirche, the Munich Cathedral and one of the visits to do in Munich.
From here you will continue the tour approaching the National Theater and State Opera, passing through the old market, where you will know the importance of beer in the city and one of its most important festivals: the Oktoberfest.
The tour will end at this point, from which you will be shown how to get to Hofbräuhaus, the most famous tavern in Germany, which we recommend you not to miss and where you can take advantage to try the delicious cuisine of the city.

Marienplatz, meeting point of the Free tour in Munich in Spanish

What tip to leave on free tours in Munich?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the main feature of the free tours in Munich They have no fixed price. This is precisely what creates more doubts among many travelers who do not know what is the appropriate amount to leave the guide.
Taking into account our experience and the assessments that you have been giving us among all readers, we believe that the minimum amount that should be given to the guide is 10 euros per person, provided that your assessment is positive.
In case of traveling with children, they usually do not pay, although you can always increase the amount you give per adult to compensate.

Do not forget that this is a personal reference and depends on your evaluation of the tour, your economic situation or budget.
That said, we do believe that although the tour includes the word free, this should not motivate you to to abuse of the circumstances. If together we do not collaborate so that free tours in Munich keep performing, they will end up disappearing.

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We will continue to update the post as more are included free tours in Munich.