10 essential tips for traveling to Israel


This list of tips for traveling to Israel It will help you plan your trip to one of the most fascinating places in the world.
Considered one of the most historic places in the world, in which the ancient Jerusalem stands out, founded in 1004 B.C. For King David and one of the most magical cities you can know, you can also visit Bethlehem, Nazareth and Galilee, biblical cities in addition to the impressive fortress of Masada, the fascinating Dead Sea and the Roman Caesarean, in addition to other places that we are safe , as a whole, will make this an unforgettable trip.

Based on the experience of our trip to Israel and Palestine for free, we want to leave you what we believe, are the Top 10 tips to travel to Israel essential.

1. What is the best time?

Although as in many destinations you could say that any time is good for a trip to Israel, taking into account the weather and especially the places you want to visit, it is important to consider certain considerations.

High season (July and August): Despite being the most frequented by tourists, due to the heat and high prices, we believe it is the worst time to plan this trip.
Mid season (October and November and from March to May): According to our experience, this is the best time since the weather is mild, there are not so many people (except Easter days) and it is still a perfect time to get to know Tiberias , Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.
Low season (from December to February): Although in some areas of the country the weather is cold, there are not many people and in addition the prices are usually quite adjusted, except for the key dates of Christmas and New Year.

Remember that if you are traveling in high season it is advisable to book in advance the flights, accommodation and rental car, to find good prices and more options to choose from.

2. Security

The first thing to keep in mind is that in most of the country due to its geographical location and especially in Jerusalem, as a more tourist and symbolic place, religion is something that involves practically anything, so this is a sensitive issue and it is best to stay out of any circumstances that you can see, even if it does not fall within your standards or customs.
This would also apply to the political issue. We understand that there are situations that can be even provocative, but the best thing, if you are going to travel to Israel is to focus on its tourist places, culture, archaeological sites and landscapes, leaving as far as possible the other aspects aside .
Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends avoiding Israel's border with Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and the Gaza Strip, being sure to visit the rest of the country, so at this time traveling to Israel is safe.
In addition to this and as anywhere else in the world, it is important to travel with common sense, avoiding areas that you do not know at night and bringing many valuables in sight.

What you are likely to find is with more comprehensive baggage checks at the airport than in other parts of the world and that in case of renting a car, at some point the police can stop you to check it and ask for the documentation.
It happened to us a couple of times but at no time was it an unpleasant situation, but quite the opposite.

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More tips for traveling to Israel

Some extra tips for a trip to Israel would be:

  • Do not forget that there are direct flights from Spain to Israel, about 4 hours long, which sometimes although they are usually a little more expensive, it is worth considering them to save time.
  • As we said on several occasions, it is very normal for strict controls to be made at the airport. Don't panic, it's normal.
  • During your stay in Jerusalem, try to coincide with the evening of Friday and Saturday to live on Saturday, the seventh day of the week, which is the sacred day of the Jewish week.
  • Although it may seem otherwise, the standard of living in Israel It is very similar to Spain, so the prices are more or less the same or in some cases, even a little higher.
  • Regarding Wi-Fi you will not have problems since all hotels have a good network and also restaurants and bars.
  • If you rent a car, remember that GPS does not normally include Palestinian Territory, so for example to tour the famoushighway 90 the GPS will mark you turn around. In these cases, mark an intermediate point or several, to force the GPS to take the road you want.
  • In Israel the voltage is 230V, the frequency 50Hz and the plugs are of type H.

If you feel like helping us expand the list 10 essential tips for traveling to Israel, add yours in the comments.