Where to eat in Mexico: Recommended restaurants


Where to eat in Mexico It is one of the queries that you make most the travelers who are organizing a trip to this amazing country. Although we are clear that making a list of all the restaurants is impossible, after our experience in the trip to Mexico in 45 days, touring most of the essential places to see in Mexico, we want to leave you a list, always from our experience of the most recommended restaurants where to eat in Mexico. We start!

Basic tips for eating in restaurants in Mexico

Given that gastronomy is a very important part of the country and that it is practically part of the trip as much as visits, we believe it is very important to know some of the best restaurants in Mexico, to be able to enjoy the best dishes and best experiences after each day or between visits.

And although we could say that eat in Mexico It does not require very specific advice, we do want to leave you some details, to make this moment a closer experience.

  • Something to keep in mind in Mexico is that most restaurants include the service in the final account. This is usually 10%, although as you approach the most tourist places in the country, it can increase to 25%.
  • The service is always optional and although we recommend including it, we believe that the place, service and quality must also be taken into account to determine the%.
  • The ticket is always indicated at the end, if the service is included or not and if the% is included.
  • Although you may think that all the dishes of Mexico are spicy, nothing is further from reality and more if you are in tourist areas, where they have adapted the dishes to the western palate. That is why although it is advisable to ask, most dishes are not excessively spicy.
  • The portions are usually abundant, so before ordering, it is also advisable to look at other tables and thus be able to see more or less how they are and based on that, order one or more dishes.
  • Desserts deserve extra mention, such as corn cake, which is spectacular. Remember it and whenever you can, leave a gap during the meal.
  • In our experience, although you can eat very cheap in Mexico, if you go to tourist restaurants, the prices are higher. To get an idea, you can see the prices in the relation of Recommended restaurants where to eat in Mexico that we will leave next.

Recommended restaurants where to eat in Mexico

Despite the impossibility of making a selection of all the recommended restaurants in Mexico, we do want to leave you a list divided by areas that we visited, of the restaurants we ate during our trip and that we recommend, so you can have an orientation and make yourself an idea of ​​prices in addition to the most typical or recommended dishes.

Restaurants in Mexico City

As we said earlier about the recommendations where to eat in Mexico, it is impossible to make a list of recommended restaurants in CDMX. Despite that and after being in the city for several days, during which we met most of the places to see in Mexico City essential in addition to doing some of the best tours and excursions in Mexico City, we want to leave you a selection of those they were for us, the best restaurants in Mexico City.

  • Taqueria El Caifan: In Mexico City, in the area of ​​the Palace of Fine Arts and the Alameda Central, we recommend you not to miss this taqueria, a highly recommended restaurant in Mexico City.
    We ordered guacamole, some tacos, some quesadillas, soda, beer and two pot coffees for 298 pesos.

Tacos in Black Beard

  • El Chapulín: This is another of Holbox's recommended restaurants, where they have no menu as such, since they work with fresh and fresh produce.
    The procedure to choose is somewhat curious, since first they offer you a drink with alcohol or without alcohol, among which you can choose different cocktails and refreshing drinks, then with the presence of the chef at your table, choose one of the dishes that he offers you.
    Tonight we choose a natural lemonade, a chapulín cocktail, prawns with green mole, fish of the day, cake