The Danube Valley from Vienna - Street Travelers - Travels - 2020

The Danube Valley from Vienna


The plane has left an hour late and part of it has changed a little the direction it had and in the end it has taken us to reach Vienna 3 hours, not the 2 hours 15 minutes that marked the ticket.
After seeing that our bags, healthy and safe, arrived, we went directly to the office, to pick up our rental car in Austria, which will allow us to make the route we have planned for this trip. A Fiat Bravo, with only 40 km and suitcases fit perfectly in the trunk, so we can not ask for more.

It is 3.30pm and after having breakfast very well at the Barcelona airport and the sandwich that we have been given on the plane, we decided to head to Krems, which is our first stop on the route today in the Danube Valley from Vienna and wait to get there for a drink.
We thought that as soon as we took the car we would start to see story castles, but nothing could be further from the truth, since until we have entered the area of Wachau in the Danube Valley, we have not begun to see a beautiful landscape, dotted with vineyards on one side of the Danube and on the other the hills.
If you do not have a good car from Vienna to visit this valley and the Abbey of Melk is with a bus tour with a guide in Spanish. One of the best tours and excursions in Vienna.