10 essential places to see in Pompeii


This list of places to see in Pompeii It will help you prepare your visit to an ancient Roman city that was trapped in time and we are sure, it will surprise you and leave you speechless.
Located in southern Italy, this thriving city went down in history in 79 AD. when buried, next to its neighbor Herculaneum, by a mantle of lava and ashes coming from the violent eruption of the Vesuvius volcano. For centuries the city remained forgotten and it was not until 1550 that it was rediscovered, although excavation work did not begin until 150 years later.
We cannot forget that even today archaeologists continue to discover new buildings and magnificent frescoes (only 60% of the total has been unearthed), creating the most important archaeological site in Ancient Rome and one of the main tourist attractions to see in Italy .
Walking through the cobbled streets and entering the ancient Roman buildings of Pompeii will take you back 2000 years and for sure, it will leave an indelible mark on your traveling passport.

Based on the experience of our trip to Naples and Pompeii in 4 days, we have made this list of 10 essential places to visit in Pompeii. We start!

How to get to Pompeii

The most common way to get to Pompeii is to take the train Circumvesuviana It leaves from the central station of Piazza Garibaldi in Naples and leaves you at the Pompei Scavi stop, in 40 minutes for 3 euros.
This train has a frequency of half an hour and also stops in Herculaneum, another of the best preserved cities of the Roman Empire and also worth the visit.
A more comfortable alternative to visit this complex is to book this excursion to Pompeii or this tour of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, both excursions include bus transportation, skip-the-line entrance to the enclosure, hotel pick-up and the company of an expert guide who will explain the history and the most important points of this site.
For more information on the transfer you can consult this post on how to go from Naples to Pompeii or how to go from Rome to Pompeii.

Something to keep in mind is also that although the most common is visit Pompeii from NaplesIt is also possible to reach this ancient city from Rome.
If you want to make this escape from the Eternal City, there are fast trains every half hour that leave from the Termini Station in Rome and leave you at the Naples station in just over an hour.
Another interesting option is to book this bus tour with a guide in Spanish, considered one of the best excursions in Rome.

How to visit Pompeii

When you arrive at Pompeii station you will find yourself a few meters from the main entrance of the archaeological site, the Marine Gate.
At this door you can buy the ticket that costs 15 euros, 23 if you include an audio guide, and they will give you a map with different itineraries for you to plan your visits.
In high season you can save yourself the long lines that are formed in this access, by booking this quick ticket in advance and if you also visit Herculaneum, you can buy the quick ticket here.
Although there are routes that can take you up to 7 hours, the average duration of the visit, which allows you to complete the list of Must see places in Pompeii, it's about 4 hours.
If you prefer to take a guided tour to learn more about the history of Pompeii and not miss any key points you can book this 2-hour tour for small groups led by an archaeologist in Spanish.

Being a very large enclosure it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes, a bottle of water that you can fill in the fountains of Pompeii and sunscreen and cap, especially if you visit in summer or during a sunny day.
Inside you have coffee shops to eat something fast like a pasta dish or a piece of pizza and also to cool off with some ice cream or drink.

Visiting hours: from April to October from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (Saturdays and Sundays open at 08:30 a.m.), the rest of the months close at 5 p.m. The last access is an hour and a half before closing time.

Casa della Fontana Piccola

10. Orto dei fuggiaschi

The Orto dei fuggiaschi or orchard of the fugitives, is one of the most emotional places to visit in Pompeii upon finding the molds of 13 people, adults and children, who tried to escape the eruption of the volcano.
These molds in which you can see the faces of terror and the twisted positions of the bodies when they died, were achieved by filling the cavities that left the bodies with plaster and later removing the hardened ash layer.

Map of the places to visit in Pompeii

If you feel like helping us complete the list of 10 essential places to see in Pompeii, add yours in the comments.