Flight to Beijing with stopover in London - Street Travelers - Travels - 2020

Flight to Beijing with stopover in London

Day 1: Barcelona - London - Beijing

This time we flew with British Airways as we did on the trip to the West Coast of the United States, leaving at 10.15 from Barcelona, ​​making a stopover in London of almost 5 hours and leaving for Beijing on another flight with a duration of 10 hours that leaves at 16:30 from London.
We leave home at 6:20 in the morning and after an hour and a quarter of a car we arrive at T1 where we are already waiting for Park and Vola to pick up our car and store it until our return. Its Premium service is the best invention and since we discovered it we have hooked to this that we come to find and bring the car and more at these hours in which the minutes are worth money.