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Prepare a trip to Stockholm for free in 4 days


When we started to prepare some of the getaways that we would do this year 2015, the first thing we did was to consider which destinations we squared Better for the dates we had available. One of the escapes we could do was in the month of July and we had four days available, counting on them the days of flights.
We only needed to check the dates in one of the best flight offers to decide on a city that we had long wanted to go to.

The visit to Stockholm We will start it on July 24 in the historic center, picking up the Stockholm Card that the Stockholm Tourist Office has given us before. We will visit Stadhuset, the Stockholm City Hall where, from its tower, you have the best view of Gamla Stan.
From here we will go to the Royal Palace to see the changing of the guard and spend the rest of the day in Gamla Stan, where Stockholm was born and where we have read that walking is one of the greatest satisfactions that the city can give, discovering alleys and squares that maintain the essence of a medieval city.
In Gamla Stan we will also visit the Stockholm Cathedral, the German Church or Tyskakyrkan, two of its main shopping streets, Västerlånggatan and Österlånggatan and Prästgatan, where the old wall that surrounded the city circulated.

We already have a point scored, Stortorget, the oldest square in the city, where we will stop rigorously to cool off and have a drink to recover energy.
In the afternoon we will approach to another of the islands that make up Stockholm: Södermalm, just south now a bohemian place, artist's residence from where you have fantastic views of Gamla Stan, the old city, and the Town Hall, from the top of the Katarinahissen or Katarina Elevator (Update 07/15/2015: The Tourist Office of Sweden @VisitSwedenES He has informed us through Twitter that the Katarina Elevator is closed, but has given us a couple of options to have a good view of this area of ​​the city. The first since Monteliusvägen // and the second since Fotografiska by stairs to Fjällgatans Kaffestuga //

On July 25 we will dedicate it to know the Djurgärden Island, where in good weather we will make a cruise to have a different perspective on Stockholm.
After the cruise we will go to Vasamuseet, the museum that houses the only ship of the 17th century that has survived until today.
If we have time, after this visit we will go to Skansen, the world's largest open-air museum, where we can find typical houses throughout Sweden that have been transported here piece by piece, recreating streets and small towns.
In the afternoon we have an appointment with one of the most visited «curious»From Stockholm: its subway. And the subway of the city is a work of art, which deserves to spend a few hours to explore its stations.